SpongeBob SquarePants Priority Products



3&4Q ‘03

1&2Q ‘04

3&4Q ‘04

Nick Consumer Products Advertising

3&4Q ‘03


1&2Q ‘04


·         TV, print, online (March)

3&4Q ‘04


·         TV, print, online (Summer/ Fall)


3&4Q ‘03


·         Expand on the success of “Switch ‘em Up SpongeBob” by adding a Patrick version to the assortment

·         Introduce at Holiday Wall-Mounted “Swap n’ Bob SpongeBob”; TV advertising


1&2Q ‘04


·         Flying Colors adds Patrick into the “Switch ‘em Up” assortment, expanding on the success of this item 

3&4Q ‘04


·         Expand activity line with new skus including:  latch hook kits, make your own serenity garden, and sand art 


Apparel and Accessories

3&4Q ‘03

·         "Beyond Bikini Bottom" Part 2 to include new themes, props and sayings

·         Expand collegiate co-branded T-shirt program at college bookstores and mass retailers

·         Develop parody adult T-shirt line for 4Q intro

·         Expand club shirt program for kids and men for all key retailers; TV advertising



1&2Q ‘04


·         Expand Patrick T-shirt line


3&4Q ‘04


·         Develop movie-star themed apparel for kids and adults

·         Develop movie specific product pending retailer demand/exclusive

·         Introduction of “SpongeBob Yellow Label” as a department store exclusive


Consumer Electronics

3&4Q ‘03

·         Polyconcept SpongeBob Treasure Chest Clock Radio, Telephone Talker, Flip Phone and Shower Radio

·         Gemini SpongeBob sculpted control pad for Playstation 2

·         Gemini Universal remote controls

·         Emerson SpongeBob 13” TV, portable CD boombox and Personal CD player

·         Video Now Personal Video Discs: TV and print advertising


1&2Q ‘04

·         Introduce line of cameras including 35MM and disposable


3&4Q ‘04

·         Launch new line of karaoke machines from Emerson; TV advertising

·         Expanded designs for consumer electronics including DVD player, TV/DVD combo, personal CD player, and CD boombox



3&4Q ‘03

·         Enesco collectibles waterball,

·         bank, ornaments (September)

·         Segan animation cells (September)

·         Talking Cookie Jar (Fun-D-Mental)

·         Launch of Checks from Checks in the Mail

1&2Q ‘04

·         Collectible Maquettes  from Acme Animation

·         Rubbermaid products

·         Coolers from Haddad Accessories

3&4Q ‘04


·         Specialty plush(TBD)

·         Kurt Adler Holiday table top items

·         Full line of gift items from MZ Berger  Including men cufflinks, and gumball machines

·         Talking Patrick Cookie Jar (Fun-D-mental)

·         Tupperware items

Home Furnishings

3&4Q ‘03

·         Delta ready-to-assemble furniture (July)

·         Brewster wallpaper and wall borders (August)

·         Rubbermaid “Blue Ice” (August)

·         Acme kitchen utensils

·         Franco kitchen ware (April)

·         Worlds Apart inflatable beds

·         Lowe’s paint line

·         Brewster wallpaper and borders


1&2Q ‘04


·         Dorm room at Bed Bath and Beyond from Franco MFG.

·         Expanded kitchen assortment to include chair pads, welcome mat from Franco MFG

·         Launch Patio sets from Kids Only


3&4Q ‘04

·         Refresh bedding program with new environments (October)

·         Refresh throw program


Home Video

3&4Q ‘03

·         Paramount "The Sponge Who Could Fly" and "Anchors Away" VHS and "Lost at Sea" DVD (March)

·         Paramount "Laugh-Your Pants Off" and "Sponge-a -Rama" VHS and "Tide and Seek" DVD; TV and print advertising (July)

·         Paramount Christmas VHS (1) and DVD (1);  TV and print advertising (September)

·         Paramount Season 1 Box Set DVD; TV and print advertising  (November)

1&2Q ‘04

·         Paramount “SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric” VHS and DVD (March); print advertising


3&4Q ‘04


·         Paramount “Sponge Guard on Duty” VHS and DVD; print advertising (June)

·         Paramount Season 2 Box set DVD; print advertising (March)

·         Paramount title TBD VHS/DVD (August)

·         Paramount Season 3 box set DVD; print advertising (October)


3&4Q ‘03

·         THQ CD-ROM; print and online advertising (October)

·         THQ SpongeBob “Mechanical Mischief” Playstation 2, GameCube, and X-Box; TV and print advertising

·         THQ SpongeBob “Mechanical Mischief” GameBoy Advance, CD-ROM; print advertising

·         Leapfrog SpongeBob Leapster

·         Jakks SpongeBob TV Games


1&2Q ‘04


·         Riverdeep SpongeBob Typing CD-ROM (June ‘04)


3&4Q ‘04


·         Fisher-Price E-clips game

·         Fisher-Price DVD Interactive Game

·         THQ SpongeBob Movie game: X-Box, Playstation 2, GameCube

·         THQ SpongeBob Movie game: CD-ROM and GameBoy Advance


Packaged Goods

3&4Q ‘03

·         Johnson & Johnson Power Tooth Brushes

·         Thermometers (July/August)

·         East Side Entrees: Shelf Stabilized milk and milkshakes for school lunch programs (Jimmy Neutron, The Wild Thornberrys, Rocket Power)

1&2Q ‘04

·         Kraft Fruit Snacks

·         Colgate Oral Care

·         Puffs Tissues

3&4Q ‘04


3&4Q ‘03

·         Random House/Golden Books coloring and activity titles

·         Simon & Schuster ship new storybooks and novelty books, including a tie-in to Christmas special and Halloween

·         Publications International storyreader launch title

·         Giddy-Up Surprize Ink books

·         Scholastic/Grolier Nickelodeon Home Book Club Nick Zone Continuity Series

·         “How-To-Animate SpongeBob” title from Walter Foster

·         Pocket Book’s adult targeted “SpongeBob Oracle Book”

1&2Q ‘04

·         New titles from Random House, Chronicle Books, Leapfrog, TokyoPop, Pocket Books (adult targeted) (Spring)

·         Simon & Schuster ship 7 new titles between April and July including the first SpongeBob Pop-Up book

·         Scholastic/Grolier Nickelodeon Home Book Club Continuity Series (Spring)

·         Chronicle Nick brand book program; New Spring titles include “Nickelodeon’s Election Connection” a tie-in to “Nick Picks the President”

·         Fisher-Price Power Touch “SpongeBob Sleepytime” ; TV advertising

3&4Q ‘04

·         Simon & Schuster books tied to movie including 8x8 storybooks and Jr. novel (Fall)

·         Random House/Golden Books coloring & activity books tied to movie (6 titles) (Fall)

·         New non-movie titles from Publications International, Giddy-Up, Pocket, Simon & Schuster, Random House (Fall)

·         Chronicle Nick brand book program – new titles in Fall include a Nick Cookbook and Game Book

·         New Pocket Book Adult Humor title

·         Reader’s Digest Bikini Bottom game book

Social Expression

3&4Q ‘03


·         "Beyond Bikini Bottom" Wave 2

1&2Q ‘04

3&4Q ‘04

·         Hollywood SpongeBob product to coordinate with movie launch

·         Expanded social expressions products

·         New Party Program for 3Q introduction, featuring “SpongeBob SuperStar

Stationery & Bags

3&4Q ‘03

·         Flying Colors refreshes commodity stationery program at Mass

·         Accessory Network refreshes backpack & fashion bag program for Mass

1&2Q ‘04


·         Global Designs Concepts continues bag program at Mass

3&4Q ‘04


·         SpongeBob Movie Star” themed bags & Stationery to tie to movie launch 

Toys and Sporting Goods

3&4Q ‘03


·         Spinmaster 8’x8’ Inflatable bouncer

1&2Q ‘04

·         Alpha Big Wheel 

·         Variflex skateboards and bodyboards

·         Imagination Entertainment and Nick DVD game

3&4Q ‘04

·         Mattel - RC Burger Mobile from Movie; TV advertising

·         Mattel assorted toy line based on SpongeBob show and movie

·         Wild Planet Role Play Toys  (Four SKUs including cash register and grill)

·         Disguise costumes and accessories



(to be used externally)



·         Has generated $2 BILLION at retail!

·         #1 license at Hot Topic since 2001



·         Happy Dog Toys award-winning “SpongeBob Aquarium” exceeded all expectations and broke new ground for Nickelodeon at pet distribution outlets


Apparel & Accessories:

·         #1 licensed apparel property for adults in sleepwear and T-shirts

·         #1 selling adult tie at Wal-Mart

·         Patrick T-shirt out selling Spongebob for the month of August at Wal-Mart and Target

·         #1 selling character property at Hot Topic after 2 years

·         One of the top selling licensees in Boys apparel and accessories

·         More than 1 MM clocks sold at major retailers


Consumer Electronics:

·   One of Fellowestopselling licensed properties of all time in the mousepad category

·  Blockbuster selling out the Playstation 2 control pads 2,000 a month

·   CD wallet is the best selling case in all of Toys ‘R Us best SKU that they had ever had in the category



·         Checks launched in September with Checks in the Mail SpongeBob looks to be licensee’s top 2 licensed checks for the year

·         The five SpongeBob items have outsold beyond Tupperware’s expectations since launching in the mini-catalog in August 

o        Most Tupperware items are successful if they sell 1,000 units 

o        SpongeBob items have sold upwards of 90,000 units since launching


Home Furnishings:

·         Bedding is being sold in full sizes in addition to twin (indicating that adults are buying SpongeBob bedding  and not just kids)

·         #1 licensed kitchen coordinate at Wal-Mart

·         Bedding continues to be a top 3 seller at all key retailers


Home Video & Audio:

·         More than 3.5 MM home videos sold

·         SpongeBob titles consistently rank in the Top 20 Overall Children’s Videoscan Charts



·         3 MM video games sold

·         THQ “SpongeBob Employee of the Month Operation Krabby Patty " CD-ROM was the top selling children's game title for the month of February 

·         A leader in licensed video game properties along side Harry Potter and Yu-Gi-Oh

·         4 titles on the Top 100 Best Seller List across all platforms in 2002 (666665 titles including PC)

·         #2 best selling PSX title in 2002 (#34 best selling title among all video games on all platforms)

·         #13 best selling GBA title in 2002 (launched September 2002)

·         #7 and #14 best selling kids PC titles in 2002 (#22 best selling title overall - all genres)


Packaged Goods:

·         #1 Macaroni and Cheese SKU in Kraft’s history outselling non-licensed Skus

·         #1 licensed bandages from Johnson & Johnson

·         #1 Good Humor face pop

·         #1 CheeseNip SKU from Kraft

·         #1 novelty beverage from Global Consumer Products

·         #1 licensed bath products from MZ Berger

·         #3 NEW item in Packaged Ice Cream category in 2003, and the #8 co-branded product overall (Breyers 1/2 gallon)



·         More than 10 million books sold to date

·         The Simon & Schuster “SpongeBob Chapter Book”  series has been on the Publisher’s Weekly Children’s bestseller list since November ‘02

·         Walter Foster has sold over 1  million copies of  “How to Draw SpongeBob


Social Expression:

·         #1 air freshener



·         Trends has sold 1MM SpongeBob posters since its launch in March of 2002 

o        Target has decided to test posters in their stores for the first time

o        Trends shipped assorted titles early June and so far SpongeBob is the #1 licensed poster.

·         The 2003 Mead SpongeBob calendars generated over $1MM in sales at Wal-Mart

·         Flying Colors SpongeBob stationery line is the #1 licensed stationery line at Wal-Mart with theme books, portfolios, and mechanical pencils being the strongest items in the line

·         New figural lunch kits from Flying Colors are outselling last years version by over 20%


Toys & Sporting Goods:

·         Mattel’s “Race to the Krusty Krab” board game is the #1 licensed children’s board game in 2002

·         Mattel’s SpongeBob Matchbox 5-car pack is the top selling licensed Matchbox SKU for 2003

·         Mattel’s Barbie Loves SpongeBob is the #2 non-promoted Barbie SKU in 2003 and #1 non-promoted SKU in its price point (It is the most successful co-branded Barbie in history)





·         Primetime Emmy Award
- Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour) - Nomination


·         Emmy Award
- Outstanding Children's Program - Nomination

·         Television Critics Association
- Outstanding Achievement in Children's Programming - Nomination

·         Pet Product News Editor’s Choice Award
- Happy Dog’s SpongeBob Aquarium

·         Sony’s Prestigious “Greatest Hits Program” for SpongeBob video games

·         Kids First Coalition
- "Nautical Nonsense" and "Sponge Buddies" DVD Kids First Endorsement


Last updated 11/18/03