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Go, Diego, Go is a Preschool hit!

Girls have Dora - now Boys have Diego! Dora's cousin, who makes his in-store debut next fall, is already a preschool hit on commercial TV for Kids 2-5!

Go, Diego, Go premiered in primetime on September 6, 2005, with fantastic ratings Boys 2-5 bringing in an impressive 8.70 rating! The innovative show roll-out began over a month before the premiere, with Video-on-Demand Sneak Peeks, episode streams on and wireless content on Verizon, and continued with On-Air spots and Sneak Peek episodes on Noggin leading up to the series launch.

Consumer Products launch with the first Diego DVD premiere in March 2006, followed by a comprehensive product launch in all categories at mass in 3Q'06. The CP launch will be supported by the September 2006 Save Baby Wolfpup tentpole, which will have on-air support, promotional partners, magazine and online support and press coverage.

Don't miss out on the launch - go to the Go, Diego, Go section on for a complete licensee list!

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Avatar Momentum Continues to Build! 

Avatar has already developed a devoted following! Not only is it the #2 show among the core audience of boys 6-11, but avid fans have created dedicated sites and message boards for their favorite show characteristics and characters.

Four incredible bending interstitials are currently airing, featuring demonstrations on how the bending moves originated and how they were inspired by martial arts. They can be seen in the video section of

The first Avatar Consumer Product launches 1Q'06 with the incredible Upper Deck Trading Card game! Comprehensive Consumer Products launch across all categories in Fall 2006, supported by September tentpole event.

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'Blue's Clues' Turns 10!


Blue's Clues is currently the #2 preschool show on commercial TV among kids 2-5. It revolutionized the preschool landscape with its play to learn philosophy, and remains just as relevant today it has been in the top 10 since the show launched in 1996!

Blue's Clues will celebrate its 10th Anniversary in 2006, with 10 brand new Blue's Room episodes beginning Fall 2006! An all new character will be introduced, Blue's baby brother, during a big 10th Anniversary tentpole event. Consumer products launch with new toys and apparel themed to the Anniversary!

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South Park Almost Mainstream with Launch in Syndication!

South Park started out with a small following nearly 10 years ago and has now developed into a worldwide phenomenon! New South Park episodes started airing on Comedy Central in October, and the show is #1 on cable in its timeslot among males 18-49 and #2 on all of TV in its timeslot among males 18-34!

The show is now syndicated on 140 stations, making it available to over 89% of the country and bringing in an audience that will be 3x larger than the average South Park airing on Comedy Central.


South Park shows no signs of slowing down and is set to celebrate an exciting 10th anniversary in 2006. Stay tuned for details! Don't miss out on the action - check out the kick-a$# South Park licensee list on!

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Holly Hobbie & Friends, a New Merchandising and Entertainment Property, Launches!

Nick animation brings you Holly Hobbie & Friends, a contemporary evolution of the original doll, Holly Hobbie. This wholesome and age-appropriate brand will be released on direct-to-videos in Spring 2006. A full consumer products line will follow in Fall 2006.

The press is already talking! According to a USA TODAY article on October 31st:

  • "The retro toy train keeps chugging along as toymakers mine the not-so-distant past for new hits..." - USA TODAY, October 2005
  • "1970s doll Holly Hobbie has receives an update for the 21st century..."

See the Press Section on for the full article.


Holly Hobbie & Friends DVD Launching Spring 2006!

The first ever Holly Hobbie & Friends DVD title, Surprise Party, launches Spring 2006 and will air on Nickelodeon soon after! For a sneak peak and the latest DVD trailer, see the Video section of

Coinciding with the DVD release, National Amusements will host a screening of the Surprise Party DVD in 16 theaters on two separate Saturdays in February 2006. The event will include several mother-daughter activities, as well as an audition for a voice part on one of the next Holly Hobbie & Friends DVD.

A second Holiday themed DVD is slated for Fall 2006, and will included a toy launch themed to the DVD. More exciting details on Holly Hobbie & Friends to come!

LeAnn Rimes Sings Holly Hobbie & Friends Theme Song
Nickelodeon is proud to announce that LeAnn Rimes has recorded the great new theme song Holly Hobbie & Friends! "Twinkle In Her Eye" will debut on the DVD series coming in 2006!

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The Backyardigans Dance their way to the Top!

The Backyardigans have been dancing their way to the top - the show is #3 for preschool on commercial TV! The Backyardigans were a success right out of the gate, the show was a Gold medal winner - Parents' Choice Award in Television.   Consumer products are also a hit with success in apparel, home décor, toys, home video and music!  

A comprehensive consumer products program will launch in Fall 2006. This launch will be supported with an October on-air special event – Mission to Mars – and DVD release.  

Don't miss out on the adventure – look for a complete licensee list on!

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Dora's on Fire!

She went on a Fairytale Adventure in 2004.   She's going to Dance to the Rescue in 2005.   And in 2006, Dora will go on her first-ever World Adventure!  

Based on the consumer products success from Dora's event-themed programs, a comprehensive launch for Dora's World Adventure will hit in Fall 2006.   Supported by an on-air special and DVD release, themed consumer products will include apparel, sleepwear, home furnishings, music, toys and more!

Check out the Priority Products section for Dora to see how you can capitalize on her next adventure!


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SpongeBob's an Absorbing Favorite!

This Fall, SpongeBob splashed onto shelves with an Absorbing Favorites themed toys and DVD launch! Based on kids' favorite episodes, consumer products continue to soak up the success!   

The momentum in 2006 continues with the release of 18 new episodes, a celebrity print campaign featuring Serena Williams, and the debut of the Best Day Ever marketing campaign. In Fall 2006, consumer products will refresh with the Absorbing Favorites theme, featuring a new DVD, full toy line and more!

Check out the Priority Products section on Nick at Retail to see how you can soak up the success for 2006!

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TEENick is a Huge Success its 2nd Season!

Across the block, TEENick shows all delivered great ratings in their second seasons!

  • #1 show among Tweens 9-14, leading #2 show "That's So Raven"! (Q4 to date), and the #3 live-action show among girls 2-11 for Q3!
  • Consumer Products launched in apparel, consumer electronics, and publishing, with a comprehensive launch coming in early 2006!
  • Print campaign a huge success! See the advertising section of for the Zoey 101 Fashion print ads and all of the media value behind them
  • New website launched mid-October, lets girls have a new Zoey 101 experience, and includes a store locator, sending girls to a retailer near them to find the newest Zoey fashions!

  • #3 show among Tween Girls 9-14, behind only "Zoey 101" and "That's So Raven"!
  • Unfabulous has generated huge buzz due to its ratings success and the star power of Emma Roberts, who is continually featured in Teen and Fashion magazines. See the press section of for some of the latest press!
  • Consumer Products launched in consumer electronics and publishing, and an Unfabulous record was just released in September by Sony BMG/Nick Records, premiering at #10 on the Nielsen Children's Music Chart in its first week out! It has remained in the top 25 since its debut and is currently one of the top 50 selling soundtracks!

All 5 TEENick shows Zoey 101, Unfabulous, Drake & Josh, Ned's Declassified and Romeo are in the top 10 live action shows among Tweens 9-14 and each are delivering huge audiences! For more details, see the ratings section of!

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Last updated 12/1/05.